Ploughing alone benefits most soils.

Re-consolidation, after ploughing or before seeding, increases productivity and favours higher yields.

1/Agronomic Benefits: The combination of ploughing and re-consolidating is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Soils are loosened, organic matters are incorporated to enrich the soils. Weeds are controlled mechanically. The elevation of temperature of the ploughed soil is actually positive. The associated water evaporation is limited by the immediate re-consolidation via packers. Water capilarity is hence reestablished for the benefit of the soil life. 2/Maximise efficiency: Driven by efficient crop management processes, as a farmer, it is difficult to grant sufficient time for the soil to settle by itself. Furthermore, soil moisture shall be maintained to ensure a good germination after seeding. Kverneland's re-consolidating tools are therefore recommended in combination with ploughing or directly before seeding. Coarse clods get crushed, soil is reconsolidated with a favourable soil moisture. 3/Higher profitability: Profitability is generally improved by either cutting down costs or improving yields. By re-consolidating soils either during ploughing or directly before seeding, the profitability improves on both ends. Cost are reduced by completing 2 operations simultaneously. The fuel consumption is optimised too. Yields will improved due to the re-consolidation of the soils.



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The development and manufacture of high quality agricultural implements have been the Kverneland brand's core competencies for more than 100 years. The Kverneland Group philosophy is to contribute to more efficient operations for the farmers with respect to both costs and yield. This is achieved through a leading edge in technology development, which is the basis for Kverneland's competitive advantage.

The brand Kverneland is recognised all over the world for its new concepts and solutions to the challenges facing farming. User friendly ploughs and soil preparation combinations are designed to meet and fulfil the needs and requirements of farmers all over the world. The Kverneland brand means a perfect result every time.


Thanks to over 100 years of experience, Kverneland products are able to meet the needs of farmers both today and in the future. Unique heat treatment, active product development and effective production processes are the reasons why Kverneland is recognised as the best in the business.

Kverneland offers a wide selection of high quality cultivation equipment concentrated around conventional and reversible ploughs, soil packers, disc and power harrows, rotary tillers and all-purpose forks.