Evident in each bale: Experience, innovation and reliability.

Each operation brings new challenges for man and machine, that's why our four variable round balers, Fendt Rotana 160 V, 160 V Xtra, 180 V and 180 V Xtra offer you extensive equipment options and intuitive control. This ensures that you can give forage harvesting your full and undivided attention.

Bale straw, hay or silage quickly, easily and without complication. Achieve top performance with the Fendt round baler coupled with a Fendt Vario. Whether its all about easily setting and controlling the round baler via ISOBUS, the Varioterminal at the touch of a button, or the stepless comfort of the Vario gearbox: Fendt tractors and Fendt balers make an unstoppable team.


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Model Specifications

  160 V 160 V Xtra 180 V 180 V Xtra
Baler chamber diameter 0,70 - 1,60 m 0,70 - 1,60 m 0,70 - 1,80 m 0,70 - 1,80 m
Baler chamber width 1,23 m 1,23 m 1,23 m 1,23 m
Baler chamber volume 2,50 m³ 2,50 m³ 3,10 m³ 3,10 m³


Fendt Tractors - the only true Vario

Driving a Fendt is more than just driving a tractor. It comes with a feeling of ease, even during the toughest work. Because, thanks to the continuously variable Fendt Vario transmission, there are no gear steps, but plenty of performance – from the smallest narrow track tractor or vineyard tractor up to the high-horsepower tractors, from the Fendt 200 Vario to the Fendt 1000 Vario.

Much more than just a tractor

Whether in the field, for haulage or for loading work with the Fendt Cargo front loader, Fendt tractors allow you to work efficiently and economically. With its efficiency boosting technologies, Fendt takes the leading role, and not only for agricultural applications.

Tried and proven as a farm tractor, a Fendt is also convincing as a forestry or municipal tractor: under Fendt ISU, you will find the right solutions for industry, roads and the environment.