Optimized visibility with 3-pillar design

The new large spacious EvoCab II has been specifically developed by HARDI with our '3-pillar design', which sets a new standard of visibility through more than 320° around the sprayer. The cabin is equipped with a pressurisation system plus dust, aerosol and vapor filtering of fresh air, to protect the driver and meet Class 4 requirements. The new climate control system has been tested intensively in a climate chamber to ensure driver comfort in the hottest conditions.

FloatRide suspension

The new ALPHA evo features FloatRide, replacing the earlier standard of coil spring suspension with airbags. This ensures even better boom stability and helps keep ALPHA balanced on steep slopes. Chassis height is maintained regardless of tank volume. By allowing for individual wheel movement of up to 185 mm ALPHA provides maximum comfort, even at high spraying speeds.


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Model Specifications

Tank, litres 4100 5100
Pumps, type - l/min 464/10: 280(540) - 464/12: 334 (540) 464/10: 280 (540) - 464/12: 334 (540)
Engine Deitz 6 cyl. 245 hp / 180 kW (Stage IV / Tier 4) Standard Standard
Hydrostatic 4-wheel transmission (29 or 40 kph) EcoDrive EcoDrive
Suspension FloatRide airbag FloatRide airbag
Steering 4-wheel steering 4-wheel steering
Mechanical track adjustment, cm 40 cm sliding range 40 cm sliding range
Turning radius 200 cm track width (middle of chassis), cm 462 530
Weight (basis machine, empty)*, kg 9.470 11.600
Weight, front axle, basis machine in transport (empty)*, kg 5.490 6.900
Weight , rear axle, basis machine in transport (empty)*, kg 3.980 4.700
Total length*, m 9.5 10.23
Total height*; cm 390 390
Width with PARAGON boom (24-42.5m), m 2.55 2.55
Width with TWIN FORCE (24 to 30 m), m 3.00 3.00
Width with TWIN FORCE (32 to 36 m), m 3.34 3.34
Track width manual sliding axle** (380/90 R46), cm 182 - 360 182 - 360
Track width HTA axle** (380/90 R46), cm 180 to 280 180 to 280
Wheel base, cm 370 430
Clearance (380/90 R46), cm 120 / 150 / 165 120 / 150 / 165
RinseTank, l 410 600
Fuel tank, l 320 400
Filling capacity water, l/min 800 800
Filling capacity TurboFiller, l/min 120 120

* Dimension and weight are given for ALPHA evo 36 m TWIN FORCE boom - 380/90 R46 tyres and chassis clearance 120 cm
** Minimum track width is wider with wider tyres (depending on axle type)


HARDI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a subsidiary of HARDI INTERNATIONAL, a world leader in sprayer technology. The majority of HARDI sprayers and booms sold in Australia and New Zealand are manufactured here. We employ more than 100 engineering, testing, distribution and support staff in 15,000 square metres of modern facilities, located on our 10-hectare site in Adelaide, South Australia.


For over 60 years, HARDI INTERNATIONAL has single-mindedly dedicated itself to improving the efficiency and precision of sprayed plant protection. Now a world leader in the field, HARDI recognises its role in global food security through the safe and sustainable application of agricultural compounds.

The Australian product development centre works closely with five other HARDI development centres internationally, to share local innovations with the world and to streamline the delivery of global improvements at home.

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