Larger booms boost productivity – getting more ground covered in the available weather window and sparing the operator many hours on the sprayer. However the tip-to-tip speed difference across a wide, turning boom is also driving the need for a fast, precise nozzle.

The outer tip of a 48.5 m boom travels considerably faster than the inner tip in every turn – leading to significant under- and over-dosing around headlands or any obstacle in the paddock. 

HARDI solves the problem by combining multi-tiered spraying with the H-SELECT system. It provides accurate target rate control over the widest possible speed range.


HARDI COMMANDER is widely considered to be the world’s premier trailed sprayer, with tank sizes from 6,500 litres to 10,000 litres and height-controlled booms up to 52 metres in width.

In October 2020, HARDI Australia took a new lead in trailed sprayer application technology by announcing that the advanced H-SELECT nozzle control technology would now be offered with its popular COMMANDER family of sprayers. 

COMMANDER has been delivering unbeatable performance and productivity to Australian farmers for many years. Adding highly advanced H-SELECT application technology adds unrivalled precision and efficiency to the capacity and operating efficiency it is known for.


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HARDI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is a subsidiary of HARDI INTERNATIONAL, a world leader in sprayer technology. The majority of HARDI sprayers and booms sold in Australia and New Zealand are manufactured here. We employ more than 100 engineering, testing, distribution and support staff in 15,000 square metres of modern facilities, located on our 10-hectare site in Adelaide, South Australia.


For over 60 years, HARDI INTERNATIONAL has single-mindedly dedicated itself to improving the efficiency and precision of sprayed plant protection. Now a world leader in the field, HARDI recognises its role in global food security through the safe and sustainable application of agricultural compounds.

The Australian product development centre works closely with five other HARDI development centres internationally, to share local innovations with the world and to streamline the delivery of global improvements at home.

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